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Code Enforcement


The Police Department, Fire/Rescue, and building inspections – these are City services with which most people are familiar. But what is Code Enforcement?


Code Enforcement is a critical focus of the Holly Hill Police Department. The primary role of proactive code enforcement efforts is to eliminate hazards that could affect public safety. This includes notifying residents of issues like tall weeds or grass, abandoned vehicles, or refrigerators left outside. While police officers can issue citations, their primary goal is for problems to be fixed by the property owner.


“Our focus is the health and safety of the community,” says Chief Mark Barker. “An area full of tall weeds or grass can quickly become an inviting habitat for snakes, rodents, or other undesirable critters. A refrigerator can seem like an interesting place to hide for a child, but can be deadly when the door shuts and won’t open. We’re out on the streets everyday to identify and address these kinds of hazards.”


Barker says that Code Enforcement calls generate about six new cases each day. Given that each case may take several follow-up contacts to resolve, officers assigned to Code Enforcement efforts are a busy bunch.


A common problem is stagnant water. “Even a low area in someone’s yard that puddles water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Neglected swimming pools and old tires can also be a problem,” says Barker.


Non-permitted signage is also an issue. Garage and Open House signs in the right-of-way or on utility poles can block views at intersections and clutter up the landscape.


In addition, the nails and screws used to attach signs to utility poles create a safety hazard for utility workers who climb the poles and can eventually compromise the structural integrity of the pole itself.


Directional signs in the right-of-way for certain events are allowed, but they must be approved in advance as part of a special events permit.


One of the ways that the Police Department helps to minimize some common problems is through neighborhood clean-ups. By partnering together, the City of Holly Hill can help residents and commercial interests increase curb appeal and make our community a more safe and inviting place to live and work.


If you have concerns in your neighborhood, or would like to speak with a Code Enforcement officer regarding a violation or compliance issue, please call (386) 248-9419 or by e-mail at jweiss@hollyhillfl.org


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